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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm barry sims. more on the mega-millions mayhem coming up this morning. first we'll look at the forecast with meteorologist john collins. a little rain in the forecast?
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>> you know what? somebody out in -- there doesn't care if it rains this morning. >> that's right. >> i don't think the rain will amount to much. the chance is there. we got touched yesterday by a little sprits. barely enough to wet the pavement. now we look at what's going on right now, and we had another sprits. as you can see on the motion of the radar here, it is disbursing. most of the rain is to the south of us. so far the system is a little, as we refer to it, moisture starved this far north. it has yet to come in completely. it will take the bulk of the day to move threw. details on that in just a minute. stick around. >> thank you, john. >> ok.
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there is at least one new millionaire in america this morning. >> a winning ticket ithe lottery was sold here in maryland. that winning ticket for what could become the world's largest lottery payout of all time was purchased at a retailer in baltimore county. it dwarves the brief yut largest jackpot. here are the numbers -- 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and the mega-ball number is 23. >> this comment from facebook, "they will them they got it wrong! draw again!" >> i didn't even have one number. >> i'm right there with you. i didn't have a single number. then there is rhonda who purchased $3 worth of tickets but didn't win anything. if you happen to be holding that
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winning ticket? what do you do now? >> call. >> yes, call. >> david collins has news from experts with advice on what to do. >> across the country mega-million players shelled out 19,000 per ticket. some dreament the -- dreamt about it. >> i sues every address. on another ticket i use birthdays. >> i chose lucky combinations. that's how i had my system. >> someone will eventually win. we asked mark anthony johnson. a loyola university of maryland officer of finance. you have just won. what is your first decision? >> the first thing you want to
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do is sign the winning ticket and make a copy. and make sure the copy is in a secure place before you tell friends and family. >> do you want a lawyer? >> you want a nice lawyer and accountant. >> do you immediately quit your job? >> i would advise people to keep things as normal as possible. >> how do i -- how much money do i give friends and family? >> you want to draw a line in the sand so your friends are your friends and your family members are your family members. >> how do i spend the money?
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>> make sure you steer the course and listen to your financial advisors. >> and always remember your favorite news station wbal-tv. here are the numbers again. 46, 23, 38, 4, 2 and 23. >> children arrested at their school and the aclu is crying foul. sheldon dutes has more on the arrest and the controversy. >> i just started crying. i said, my baby is back in a cell. these 9 years old. >> two other 9-year-old girls and an 8-year-old girl were arrested. >> they took the kids outside in front of the school and said put your hands behind your backs and put them in a paddy wagon. >> police charged the children
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for aggravated assault for an alleged accident -- zint incident. >> there was a lake, and the suspects allegedly threatened the victim to put their head under water. then there was an incident on railroad tracks. >> they should not have been locked up. they are children. they are playing. >> lorretta said she was forbidden to talk to her daughter until the entire time she was in police custody and did not get to see her until after midnight. >> she was not her normal self. she was shocked in a way but trying to hide it like i'm ok. >> loretta and her father are very upset about the way thth they handled the arrest. >> they are not supposed to arrest children during school hours when it was just as feasible to arrest the children
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at home. >> i hope this doesn't happen to any other families. i hope they learn to do their job. >> a spokesman for the police department says the actions of the officers involved in this case is under investigation. reporting at the juvenile justice center, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are trying to hunt down a masked intruder. investigators say the 18-year-old victim told police she was resting in a bedroom around 11:00 when the suspect broke in and attacked her. it is a case neighbors find alarming. >> it is not good. >> anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2026. >> pending criminal charges
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against john leopold. deputy police chief emmerson davis will appear before the county council to answer questions as part of the inquiry into leopold's alleged misuse of his security detail for personal and political purposes. davis' appearance comes a week after the police chief testified under oath. >> in session -- "session 2012" a bill to change the com position -- com it now requires 6-11 board members to be elected by the public, not appointed. that bill now goes to the full senate. also in annapolis, lawmakers passed a bill that prohibits workers or lawmakers from giving
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pass words to e-mail or social media accounts. the bill does not prevent an employer from looking at your facebook and twitter pages. >> meantime, the house approved a wind turbine system. it requires customers to pay $1.50 every month to subsidize wind development. customers will see about a 1.5% increase in energy rates. these fees will not go in effect until 2015. >> rhyme rizz coming newspaper maryland swems d.c. and washington. steve handelsman. >> four days before the primary, mit romney came to wisconsin with a seven-point lead in the nbc news poll. >> president obama thinks he's
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doing a great job. >> he's getting key endorsements. conservative house leader paul ryan who is from wisconsin. 87-year-old president. >> i think it is time for the party to get behind governor romney. >> florida teaparty member marco rubeo. >> he needs to start generating enthusiasm for the general election. >> i'm here. [applause] >> president obama is already campaigning. four events today in two states claiming he kept his promise of change. the health care reform we passed is change. >> back in pennsylvania rick
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santorum is still fighting romney. >> it seems like we have a great opportunity. if wisconsin comes through for us, we have a three-week hiatus and we head to washington. >> it is almost a make-or-break deal for rick santorum. he needs to do well. he's going into debt t he is not raising enough money to survive until tampa, so he needs to get a boost. >> or dramatically widen mit romney's lead. >> besides these primaries, these are mostly winner-take-all. i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the time is 6:11. it is 48 degrees on tv hill. the stakes are high at old hill top. what horse racing fans can expect this year. that's still ahead. >> is it a thing of the past. why some countries have decided
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to do away with pennies. >> and your forecast after the break. stay with us.
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>> we've seen some spritchings move through the area. cecil county along the bay toward washington. it dissipated now. there are showers in calvert and dorchester county now running across the bay into virginia. again, it is just sprinkles and light showers. more might develop out to the west later on, but really nothing going on in the radar. it is relatively quiet. let's look at the picture outside with cloudy skies. 48 degrees at the airport. inner harbor 51. the humidity is up. barometer continues to fall. the weather system, the storm the front has to come through, so we'll see the barometer drop
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through a bit more today. wind should pick up a little this afternoon, especially on the bay. the small craft advisory will be out. temperature-wise, everybody realizes that march has been a mild month. the average temperature so far this month, through yesterday, 53.8. only 1921 and 1945 in the record books have been milder than this year. we felt every degree of that. it has been nice. 46 at camebridge. on the boardwalk 51. 45 at westminster. frederick down to 43. oakland 50. frostburg 44. western maryland is very similar temperature-wise. here's a radar view. most of the rain is off the new england coast or down in virginia and the carolinas right now. only spotty shower activity around maryland.
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we super-impose where the weather system is. the low is coming into western pennsylvania now with another low, and more of the rain down in north carolina. this will be sweeping through so to speak later this afternoon. once its through, we dry out for at least a while. the second part of it, the second part of our weekend sunday night into monday morning is in the dakotas and minnesota. here's the forecast for today. a lot of clouds. most of those will be this morning and this afternoon. by late afternoon and the evening, we actually could see breaks in the clouds. a few showers until the front comes through, yes. it doesn't look like a lot, but there could be rain showers. the northeast winds state-wide forecast involves those showers. maybe even a thundershower. we're not talking about a lot of rain here. temperatures in the 50's to 60 or so. insta-weather futurecast shows rain chances scattered the area.
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that should break up during the day. we get sun sunday night into monday morning. during the day, we break out into the sunshine once again. temperatures will be on the rise for a while. 64 on sunday. with a lot more sunshine. by evening and overnight sunday into monday, predawn, more rain showers. we clear out monday and we'll be in the 60's tuesday and partly cloudy around 70. by afternoon a chance for thunderstorms. the rest of the week looks dry with mild temperatures. >> from a full-service floral department to a community cafe, we're there from the grand reopening. >> from one opening to the next, it is the moment horse-racing fans have been waiting for. we'll take you to opening day at old hill top. >> plus, you may not be going into an arena to fight to the
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death. you can still train like the "hunger games contribute
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>> the penny may soon become a thing of the past. starting with canada the humble one-cent piece is about to disappear because of inflation. the nation's finance minister said the cost of making a penny has risen to 1.6 cents, that's $11 million a year. pennies will still be legal tender but if they slowly vanish from circulation, rices will have to be rounded up or down. >> whole foods will no longer sell wild caught red-rated seafood, that's seafood that is caught in a way harms other species.
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it will go in effect april 2, which is appropriately earth day. >> it took more than a month of construction and ren novation, but there is a new giant supermarket in town in the place of the former pressure and green supermarket along west 33rd street. the new giant location is now officially open forbids. giant officials ren rated 85% of the store after purchasing the facility back in february. improvements include a full-service floral department, a deli, and community cafe, and customers seem to like what they see. >> i like it. it is bright, it is sunny. the selection has increased exponentially from the old giant. >> the size, the cleanliness. >> it replaces the giant location at the rotunda.
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first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> it is the day maryland horse racing fans have been waiting for. old hill top is finally awakened from its slumber. 11 news reporter kate amara has more.
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>> we love it here. we love coming to the track. the track looks good. >> opening day at pimco. the start of the spring meet. >> this and preakness. one of the two best days of the year that you can ask for. >> eight weeks of racing. a total purse of $3.425 million. >> free to get in, free admission. a little drizzle doesn't keep anybody away. it is packed higher. >> for some it is a day of nerves. >> our horse was running in the second race at pimco. >> for others, the start of live racing means a lot of work. >> my crew was excited to be here and ready to rock 'n' roll. >> 50 days until the big headline of the 137th running of the preakness and the return of in-field mascot pegasus. >> i am pegasus, lord and protector of the preakness
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in-field. >> the half man, half horse in-field demigod appeals to a wide range of demographics in 2012. >> the good thing is not only locally but nationally and internationally, all eyes are on pimco. >> something for everyone officials say, and that ranked true for cora pitrucci who started her season off with a win. >> i'm excited. >> i'm darn near speechless. >> kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is 6:27. 47 degrees on tv hill. a winner in baltimore county meands -- means what for the state? >> pretty big news. now that you've won the jackpot what comes next? we have advice from a celebrity financial guru. >> weather-wise, there is a rain chance. we'll talk about it with the insta-weather plus forecast. take a look.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> we continue to have rain in the forecast. until the front goes through, yeah, we can't take rain out. it doesn't look like it will be a lot. the system itself is still back in west virginia and pennsylvania moving out of ohio right now. rain nearby is down in dorchester county and moving to the east. we had a few showers this evening in the metro area. that has dissipated. a few sprinkles at frostberg now. the hope for sunshine later in the weekend coming up. >> check your lottery tickets,
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because you could be a mega-millionaire this morning. >> maryland lottery officials have confirmed a 640 million lottery tickets were sold here in maryland. >> it is mind blowing this happened here. >> the largest was sold in baltimore county. it dwarves the previous largest winner which was split by two winners in new york and georgia. here are the winning numbers. 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and the mega-ball number is 23. congratulations to you if you won. >> americans spent nearly 1.5 million for a chance to hit the jackpot.
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rob roblin has more from catonsville. >> by noon they had told over $2 million in mega-millions tickets state-wide. ♪ i'm going to win all the money we're going to be rich ♪ >> and talking about a jackpot. >> the jackpot has been reset to $640 million. if you take the cash option, that's $462 million and we're congratulating that after paying federal and state taxes you would take home in your bank account $307 million. >> for the people that sell the tickets, business couldn't be better. why there is a line here at 7:00 in the morning. so it has been like that all day. >> today should be a record day like that for us. today is extra special. we expect to maintain thaup until the drawing time tonight.
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>> it is the biggest jackpot ever. it has people dreaming about being very wealthy. >> i retired. everyone would be well taken care of. >> take care of my kids. not next door, but down the street. >> a lot of money. >> a lot of money. if i can't have all of it, just give me some. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what if you are the winner? well, there are no shortages of dreams out there. but there -- called on money experts for advice. >> the second you get that ticket in your pow session -- possession, you turn it over. you see there is a place to sign it. fill it out.
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once you've won, it is different. now you are in this whole dizzy stage of oh, my god, i have this money. i think everybody should play lottery winner right now. think about what you would do right now if you really did win. would you take in a lump summit how would you do it. so in case it happens when are you out of your body, you already have those decisions made. think about how are you going to take that money, yearly or lump sum, and get your professional advisors in place right away. >> the only benefit for the annual payout is you learn how to handle large sums of money. >> the big surprise is the emotional burden that it can create when a lot of money comes into your being. you think it won't be that way. i'm telling you, it very well can be. we always think, oh, if only i had that much money. here's the bottom line, money alone will never, ever, ever
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make you happy. but lack of money sure will make you miserable. >> penny writes, "that's awesome for maryland to be part of history once again." >> amy writes, "i hope they do something good with all that money ." >> but perhaps heather puts it best, "please be someone i know!" >> it was nice to have the dream for a while. >> thamplets -- that's right. we're still wondering who won. >> baltimore launched a new reading program. >> and incorporating agility and strength. the maryland athletic company has a workout inspired by "the hunger games."
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>> quick check of the live h.d. doppler radar in the baltimore metro area around the beltway. we did have a few little spritses moving through. that dissipated. there is shower activity to the south. nothing significant showing up so far. more could pop up today. it doesn't look like there will be a lot. let's look at what's going on right now. cloudy skies. our view downtown, things beginning to brighten up. it looks a little hazy out there. 48 degrees. 51. the barometer has fallen off.
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northeast winds at 7 miles per hour. it has been a mild month. the average temperature has been 53.8 degrees. way out of sync with what usually happens. precipitation not the same story. just over 2 inches below normal. we didn't get much snow. this isn't a lot of rain. if we keep up this relatively dry pattern, it is not going to be much. salisbury 52. chestertown 48. westminster 45. frederick 41 degrees right now. our satellite radar combination, that band of showers south of baltimore which is right up here. most of the rain is down to the south. a low in north carolina. also a low in pennsylvania and
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west virginia. all this moves to the east today. as you can see, most of the moisture skewed eastward with this. we'll still have rain chances. our sunday weather is out here. then sunday night and morning weather is out in the dakotas and minnesota right now. so that's kind of the game plan. travel wise, it looks like it will be on the eastern seaboard during the day today. the farther west you go, the better the weather gets. scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures getting warmer though all across the country. mostly cloudy skies are forecast today. a few showers in the forecast. 55 to 60 the high. so the winds will be picking up this afternoon a little bit. on the open waters of the bay, gusts could be up to 20. so small craft advisories out. insta-weather futurecast shows
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rain chances into the eefpk hours. then things dry up. we may develop sun breaks, especially out west of us. it might stay cloudy through part of the night. during the day sunday, we look dry. by sunday evening, the second part of this comes in. sunday night, monday early, we could produce more showers. so the forecast, up and down, up and down. tapers off by late afternoon. it comes back into -- and then tuesday near 70 with a thunderstorm chance by the end of the day. >> john, thank you. a new meter reading program.
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the system will also detect water use which will pick up on leaks. >> today there will be an earth. baltimore city plans to shut off of its non-necessary lighting. >> members of the national guard are on their way to afghanistan to provide support to army forces as they take on al-qaeda. they understand deployment is a part of their service, but that does not make it easier. >> i'm pumped up. >> about 300 members of the national guard gathered at middle river early friday
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morning. they are supporting combat missions in afghanistan. >> maryland's finest is going over to do the mission. we will do it exceptionally well, and we look forward to a warm welcome later this summer. >> for some, saying good-bye becomes routine. master sergeant charles bach is heading to his ninth deployment, leaving his pal katie. >> she has been through all of them. she's a trooper. she knows what to do. she has somebody that will take real good care of her. >> but for others -- >> she's 25, 26. in her dad's heart she's 12 years old. >> saying good-bye is never an easy task. even for military staff sergeant ashley mcdowell and her family. >> we take care of each other.
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no big deal. still scary to be away from home. >> she has trained for this. being part of a military family, you know whether you are called, you go. >> and she did go with her military brothers and sisters. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> are you ready to trane train like a tribute? "the hunger games" workout. >> first let's look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. we have members of the maryland athletic club joining us to the "hunger games" workout. it is hugely popular. >> these are basic skills you guys have been teaching people, but now you've thrown t it together to incorporate the hunger games look? >> yes. these moves are great for people to do on their own and with us for four weeks or so. >> so you've broken it up a little. we'll start with the boxing aspect of it. >> as you know in the movie, it is all about survival. you need endurance to survive the hunger games. the first thing i'm going to teach you now is boxing.
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all i'm going to be doing is throwing punches. >> thank you. >> you need a good spotting person for this. >> is this part of the week one? >> all right. you can rest. week one is like -- it is not easy living there. you have to be fast, agile, strong to survive there. >> ok. what do we move on to next. >> we're moving on to this. this is the viper actually. >> the viper is a great functional tool. movement, everything. >> this is going to be for core
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and function yam movement. i don't want to kick you guys out of the way. you are going to do this. you are going to jump from side-to-side. >> it is heavy. >> this is like >> you could take a log. anything to help get that idea of that motion going. >> what about this sledgehammer you brought in? >> very strong. how do you get that? by developing your own natural strength. >> watch out amanda. >> keep going back and forth. >> of course katniss with her
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bow and arrow. >> here i have a -- equipment called "the rip. " >> i'm happy you did not -- >> no arrow. >> if you had an arrow, obviously, but we don't don't. this is good for your arm. >> i'm good at the wii. >> hea, -- hey, that's hard to do. squ where can people find you? >> maryland athletic club. >> and you can look at our web site. >> so week one, week two, the cornucopia, and you wrap up on week four. i know you are getting a lot of interest. stay with us. john has a
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>> time to wind down spring training for the orioles. manager buck showalter appears to have made a decision yesterday. they reportedly put alfredo
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simone on waiver. rocky out of the gate. cabrerr. fair ball. three-run start to the game for the detroit tigers. it did settle down after that sketchy first inning. take a look at number five spot. might be too late. driving in a run. chilly night. in annapolis, navy taking on seventh ranked leehigh. roman. leehigh in front.
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split the goalie. ties the game at one apiece. less than a minute later, reynolds wraps around, fires it into the net. lee high answers. opening low. they beat navy last night in sfap list. louisville putting in its last practice yesterday. cardinals take on kentucky. rick by tino won a national championship at kentucky. now he's trying to do it at louisville. pitino says he's not letting his players use that word tonight. >> i haven't used it this week. mainly because i want my team to have confidence that they can play with kentucky. i think at this level, if you take the underdog mentality they
6:56 am
think they feel they don't bee long -- belong. >> yesterday jimmy passos picked up the skip prossor award. this roogs those in college basketball that achieve success not only as coaches on the basketball court but as coaches that display moral integrity off the court as well. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> how is the forecast? >> it is ok this weekend. we have a rain chance. a few showers today. 58 the high. tomorrow a rain chance. 64 the high tomorrow. monday looks good. thunderstorms. >> all over the place, as you
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said. >> on and off again, but most of the time, ok. temperatures will be fine. >> something to look forward to. that's all the time we have. >> "the today show" is next. we'll be back with a life had update. have a good day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> the season ended on tuesday. the university of maryland women's basketball keam team led by brenda frese led to the -- off the coacht, the coach has also cemented her position as a warrior mom. with her son's diagnosis of leukemia, she made it her mission to see that her son has what he needs to fight the disease. she lobbied congress to provide cancer-fighting drugs when there are shortages. she worked to raise cancer-tight fighting awareness with team tyler born out of the respect and lowe love current players have for their respected love and leader. he is not the person we want our children to play for, she is an example of the person we want our children to be. with a coach like that, the lady
6:59 am
tarpe pins will remain winners. and with a mom like that, tyler


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